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It has been our privilege to have Dr. Lance Ketchum at Ambassador Baptist College on two different occasions preaching for at least three days in our college chapels and lecturing in the various preaching classes. Always his ministry has been a tremendous blessing both to the students and to the faculty and staff.

I commend Dr. Ketchum as a prolific writer who has the courage to deal with many contemporary issues that affect the body of Christ. He is a man of impeccable character, and I wholeheartedly recommend him. He will be a blessing to the independent Baptist churches and ministries in which he serves.

Because of Calvary,


Ron Comfort


Ambassador Baptist College

I praise the Lord for the ministries of Dr. Lance Ketchum. As an author, his books have been a blessing and a challenge. As pastor, I have used his books both for discipleship of new converts and to encourage others in their walk with the Lord.

 Dr. Ketchum was with us for a week of meetings April 6-11, 2008. His messages were a blessing as he preached the truths of God’s word and how, from the youngest to the most mature, Christians were blessed.

 I highly recommend Dr. and Mrs. Ketchum to any church that is looking to be blessed, both with his preaching and written materials.

 Pastor Robert Love Sr.

Waupun Baptist Church Waupun, WI


Here are some notes from men in the church also.

The meetings with Dr. Ketchum has helped me to remember and accept my responsibilities as a husband, father, and Christian; also that I must continually seek to serve Him in more areas.

Scott Gober – Waupun Baptist Church

Dr. Ketchum’s week at our church was filled with thought provoking and inspiring messages from God’s word.

Dr. Ketchum’s "college level" study books and tapes permit the sincere Christian to proceed further in his knowledge and understanding of God and His will.

Duane Petrie – Waupun Baptist Church


Dr. Lance Ketchum was with us at Bensalem Baptist Church in the fall of '06 for our Fall Meetings. He did a terrific job. There was a good balance of doctrinal truth and practical application. There were several people saved and we are still working on discipling them. I would certainly recommend the Ketchums for meetings as they have a servant’s heart and understand the local church and the need and heart of the pastor. "

Dr. Bruce W. Love
Senior Pastor
Bensalem Baptist Church
Bensalem, PA

Dr. Lance Ketchum has a genuine love for souls, he takes a strong stand on the Scriptures, and he is very thorough in his study of the Bible. He taught the Book of Hebrews in our Bible Institute, and did an excellent job. The students appreciated his knowledge of the Bible. Dr. Ketchum has a stable, sincere, and virtuous testimony. He has a real heart for the ministry.

 Pastor Dennis Campbell

Granite City Baptist Church

St. Cloud, MN

I have known Dr. Ketchum for 15 years in several capacities. First, as a good friend. A friend that shares the same burden for the lost as I do. Secondly, as my pastor. Dr. Ketchum was my pastor for 3 1/2 years. It was under his leadership that I surrendered my life to full time Christian service.

Also, as my friend and pastor, he was very instrumental in my hands-on training to do the work of the ministry. It was that Paul-Timothy relationship that we had that encouraged me to stay faithful to the calling of God for my life.
I am excited that Dr. Ketchum is answering God's call as an evangelist, and know he will be a blessing to you as he has been to me. His knowledge of God's Word is evident in his preaching which is thorough and expository. Your church would be blessed through the ministry of the Ketchum's. I would highly recommend them.
Sr. Pastor Delbert P. Oatsvall
First Baptist Church
New Lisbon, WI


I have known Dr. Ketchum for over 26 years. He has a passionate heart for the Lord and his work. Through preaching and teaching, he demonstrates a thorough grasp of biblical truth and practical application. He demonstrates a humble spirit in his service for the Lord and in his relationship to people. I would whole heartedly recommend the Ketchums for meetings in any local church that desires to hear the faithful exposition of God's Word"
Dr. Cary D. Flinck
Senior Pastor, Berean Baptist Church
8825 West Brodway
Brooklyn Park, MN

 I have known the Ketchum's for a number of years as we served together on a Mission Board.  I have learned that Dr. Ketchum is a man whose heart is to remain faithful to the revealed Word of God.  His exposition skills and practical applications of the scriptures are exceptional.  His heart is to share these precious truths with others that they may be saved and grow in the faith.  His compassion to reach the lost and be of help to local churches has been clearly manifested by his ministry.  The Ketchum's have a sweet demeanor and their personal lives are a testimony to what they preach and teach.  Dr. Ketchum's ability to write has been a blessing and help as his books are a great resource of material to me as a pastor.  It is my privilege to recommend the Ketchum's in their itinerate ministry to any church that desires to be blessed by the clear teaching and application of God's Word by a godly man.  He will be a blessing to you.

A friend and fellow pastor
Pastor Dick Steinhaus
Faith Baptist Church
Harvest, IL

 I have personally known Dr. Ketchum and Patty for many years as personal friends, but also Lance as a fellow carpenter, pastor, evangelist, and author. As you can see he has worn many hats, but his greatest gift is his remarkable ability to keenly and accurately exposit God's Word. You don't have to know Dr. Ketchum long before you sense his Pastor's heart and his gifted ability to work with people. Combined with his many years of practical experience in the ministry, Dr. Ketchum will be a tremendous blessing to any church that either uses his ministry materials, or that asks him to come and minister. It is my privilege to recommend him to you.


 Pastor Rick Sella

West Salem Baptist Church

West Salem, WI

I have had the privilege of hearing Dr. Ketchum preach several times over the years, and each time I am blessed, challenged, and encouraged.  Dr. Ketchum “rightly divides the Word of truth.”  His preaching is practical and from the heart.  He has a pastor’s heart and a love for the local church.  Your ministry will greatly benefit from the ministry of Lance Ketchum.
Pastor Mark Poorman
Senior Pastor
Woodcrest Baptist Church
Fridley, MN

Dr. Ketchum was at Mount Zion Baptist Church for a series of family meetings. His teaching and preaching were both sound and practical. Young and old alike came away rejoicing. We know we had been fed solid food!

Pastor Marty Pagano

Former Pastor

Mount Zion Baptist Church

Prospect, PA

 I highly recommend Dr. & Mrs. Lance Ketchum for ministry in any local church.  They have walked with God through great blessings and through trials of hardship while being good soldiers of Jesus Christ.  We have prayed together and have seen God answer.  
Dr. Ketchum is first a Biblicist.  His messages and teachings are directly from the Bible, which he knows very well.  He correctly compares passages in the proper context and compares spiritual things with spiritual.  Your people will hear some milk of the Word but will also get meat on which to meditate.
While ministering in Bryant Avenue Baptist Church they proved themselves very personable and when they left our church we were in a stronger position than when they came.  A pastor can invite Dr. Ketchum to minister with the confidence that his first concern is the strengthening of that local church and pastor. We are praying for their family and ministry.
W. David White, Sr. Pastor
Bryant Avenue Baptist Church
Minneapolis, MN

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Dr. & Mrs. Ketchum for nearly 20 years. We have served together on boards and worked in the same fellowships in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Humility and a sweet spirit are some of the first characteristics that come to my mind when I think of the Ketchums. They have been a personal blessing to my wife and me.

Pastor Dan Stertz
Faith Baptist Church
Beloit, WI

In recent years, Dr. Ketchum and I met while serving together on the Board of Trustees at Pillsbury Baptist Bible College. A friendship was kindled immediately because of our kindred spirit to serve the Lord in ministry.

     As Missions Director for the Association of Independent Baptist Churches of Illinois, it was my privilege to invite Dr. Ketchum as our AIBCI Annual Meeting speaker in 2004. His messages were timely and many pastors commented on his thoroughness of preparation and depth of content.

     In one of our church planting ministries in Illinois, we have used Lance's booklet, God Wants You to Know! with visitors and contact work in the community. Personally, I have used the book In Search of Spiritual Integrity extensively while preaching through the book of James as an interim pastor.

As a friend, public speaker, author, and servant of God, I can highly recommend each phase of Dr. Ketchum's ministry.

Tom K. Trumbull
Missions Director
Association of Independent Baptist Churches of Illinois

I have known Dr. Lance Ketchum for about ten years. He has been a great encouragement to me personally to remain true to the Lord and His Word. Dr. Ketchum stresses the fact that for our questions, God provides answers in His Word. Dr. Ketchum helps us find those answers in the material that he has written.
I have always been impressed by his humble spirit yet urgent desire to see God exalted. All he has and is belongs to his Lord. To spend time with him is to sense the presence and power of the Lord. I have been blessed by his influence in the ministries we have shared together.

Dave Grotzke
Sr. Pastor
First Baptist Church
Baxter, MN

Brother Ketchum truly is a man that preaches with conviction. One item that especially is such a blessing to me is that he preaches with depth, but in such a way that even a new born Christian will be able to understand what he is saying. I recommend him heartily.

Pastor Jerry Maart
Faith Baptist Church
Stacy, MN

It is with a hearty, "Amen Preacher" that I recommend Dr. Lance Ketchum's ministry to the Pastor and Church family looking to have a trusted man in your pulpit.

Many special speakers are used to minister to the church and show great results during the meeting but how many are used to minister to the Pastor?

If you encourage and challenge the Pastor, you would have undoubtedly encouraged the church family long past... the departure of that choice servant of God.

Pastor, realize there are those who can greatly minister to you not just to your church family and have these men of God step in and help you along your calling as a under-shepherd. It is with great conviction, I recommend Dr. Lance Ketchum, his material and his ministry.

Dr. Ketchum will certainly be a help and a blessing in any ministry God has called him into.

Pastor Shawn Suri

Riverview Baptist Church

 1382 Plane Site Blvd. De Pere, WI, 54115

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