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God does not measure the success of a church by how many people attend its services, by how large its offerings are, or by the size of its facilities. God measures the success of a Church by how they translate the Word of God into the language of living. If a church of 100 members has 20 people involved in evangelism, it is 20% successful and 80% a failure. I would estimate that the majority of our churches are not even 20% successful.


Evangelism is preaching the gospel and establishing those saved in the truth of God’s Word. That is the “work of the ministry” (Ephesians 4:12) that Pastor’s are to train their congregations in. Evangelism is a supernatural event. It involves a believer in a supernatural partnership work with the Holy Spirit of God in reaching the lost through the human agent.


Why do so many Christians fail to make disciples? Why is it that so few Christians are conscious of the lostness of the people they deal with every day? Why have so many local churches become little more then social clubs for the saints of God rather then training centers for discipleship and disciple making?


The early church was successful in fulfilling its commission. What is different today? Why is the Church of today such a failure by comparison? The equation is simple. Any local church’s failure in the Great Commission will be directly proportionate to the degree of their lack of involvement with the things of God and their apathy towards individuals requiring their ministry. Before anyone can purposefully succeed at anything, they must determine a realistic and Biblical course of action and then determine to faithfully follow it. 

Why Are We Failing the Great Commission

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