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Foreword By Dr. Leigh Crockett


"In recent years "apocalypse" had become a synonym for chaos and cataclysm, but the verb actually means " uncover, to reveal, to make manifest." It involves an unveiling of God's program for the world through Christ the Lamb. God pulls back the curtain of time, and the celestial to reveal His sovereign purposes in the world.


In this the 21st Century, we are bombarded with dire, cynical predictions for the future. Everywhere people are asking 'Is there any hope?' The media is permeated with pessimistic threats of economic chaos, nuclear war, the depletion of the earth's nonrenewable resources, spiraling crime, violence, mysterious new killer viruses, terrorism, radically changing weather patterns, earthquakes, floods, famines, and the like. The media, intellectual and scientific community seems to be answering, "There is no hope for our planet!"


Lance Ketchum's commentary on Revelation is not only thorough and theologically sound but it is interesting, relevant, and compassionate. It isn't dusty from a cloistered scholar's desk but is fresh, and practical, pulsating with a pastor's heart. When you study this book on Revelation, it will not only explain the mysteries of the end times but it will convict and inspire you to be loyal to the Lamb and live for the eternal."


66 Chapters | 535 pages | Comb Bound 8.5" x 11"

Studies in Revelations

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