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“Anyone in Christian ministry today is busy. Dr. Lance T. Ketchum is also busy, but he has added to his responsibilities as an associational leader, church-planter, and student of God’s Word the challenge of research and writing. As an Author, he has the potential of helping more of God’s servants than through any of the other facets of his ministry.

His latest book, In Search of Spiritual Integrity is a study of James. It is carefully researched, written in a simple, friendly style, and is genuinely helpful. After more than sixty years of ministry, I was helped by reading it. I learned some things I had not previously known, and I was challenged to compare my spiritual life with the standard set forth by the Epistle of James.

In Search of Spiritual Integrity has a format (study, summary, questions) that will make it ideal for a class or study group. In addition, any serious reader will be refreshingly, graciously, and forcefully confronted with the deficiencies of his or her spiritual life and receive practical help in moving on to a higher level of honesty, obedience and effectiveness in his or her walk with Christ.”

C. Raymond Buck, Ph.D.
Central Baptist Seminary


26 Chapters | 232 Pages | 6" x 9"

In Search of Spiritual Integrity

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