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31 Chapters | 433 Pages

Comb Binding | 8 1/2"" x 11"


Table of Contents
One -Principles of Biblical Interpretation
Two - From the Foundation of the World
Three - Election and God’s Sovereign Eternal Purpose
Four - The Unfolding Nature of “the Regeneration” in the Plan of God
Five - Elect “in Christ”
Six - Sovereignty: What Does It Mean
Seven - Election as Defined by the Hermeneutic Principle of First Mention
Eight - “Now . . . in Christ Jesus”
Nine - The Big “If”
Ten - The First Creation in Labor Pangs for the New Creation
Eleven - It’s the Ordo Regenerare, not the Ordo Salutis
Twelve - Settled in Eternity According to Foreknowledge
Thirteen - Understanding Election from the OT and the Unfolding of the Abrahamic Covenant
Fourteen - “Who are Israelites”: Statement of Fact, Not a Question of Reality
Fifteen - That the Purpose of God According to Election Might Stand
Sixteen - Is there unrighteousness with God?
Seventeen - The Faith Seed of the brahamic Covenant
Eighteen - The Melchisedecan Priesthood of Christ and the Zadokean Priesthood
Nineteen - How a National Israelite Becomes a Spiritual Israelite
Twenty - The Debilitating Façade of Hope in Legalism
Twenty-one - Whosoever Shall Call . . . Shall Be saved!
Twenty-two - The Synergism with the Lord of Hosts and the Soteriological Responsibilities
Twenty-three - “Whosoever” & the Synergism of God’s Omni-influence
Twenty-four - Salvation Invitation to Whosoever: Response Required
Twenty-five - From Where Does Faith Come?
Twenty-six - The Remnant According to the Election of Grace
Twenty-seven - The Fulfillment of the Prophecy of Reprobation of the Corrupt Priesthood
Twenty-eight - Grafted Into the Holy Root
Twenty-nine - God’s Promise of Restoration of National Israel through Faith
Thirty - Natural Israel Broken Off and the Church Grafted In
Thirty-one - The Mystery of the Palestinian and Davidic Covenants

Corporate View of Election

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