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  “ Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little” (Isaiah 28:9-10).


 "Fundamentalists sometimes tend to be aggressive in evangelism, but weak in discipleship. People not only need to be won to Christ, but they must learn to follow Christ as well. Pastor Lance Ketchum has done an admirable job of putting together materials which will be an invaluable aid in grounding believers in the Word of God. It will be used to strengthen others who perhaps have been saved for awhile, but have not grown.

I would hope that many pastors and churches will avail themselves of this book and use it as intended." 

by the late Earnest D. Pickering


“This is probably the most comprehensive Discipleship book on the Christian market today. It is truly a remarkable study and a must for every preacher. Dr. Ketchum has done us a great service in producing this unique volume. I wish there would have been something like this when I started my ministry 50 years ago. It is like taking a mini course on the ministry of the Local Church at some Bible Institute. It's on 8½ by 11 paper and bound beautifully in a 231 pages long composition. It touches on every area of the Christian life and then some. The late Dr. Ernest Pickering recommends it highly and so do I.”

Dr. Lawrence Hufhand
State Rep. for the Indiana Fundamental Baptist Fellowship

21 Chapters | 231 Pages | 8.5" x 11" Workbook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Biblical Authority: The Bible Is the Word of God 9
How to Get Spiritual Nourishment from the Word 14
Praying for Spiritual Understanding 15
Truth Is Greater Than Love 17
The Chain of the Transference of Truth 23
The Principles of a Biblical Mandate 24
The Mandate of Reconciliation 25
The Mandate of Evangelism 26
Defective Doctrines of Inspiration 28
God’s Checklist for Becoming a Faithful Disciple of Jesus 29
The Promises of God to Those Who Live by His Word 30
Chapter 2 Understanding God's Gift of Salvation 31
Questions for Your Understanding 32
Salvation and the Judgment of Sin 33
Questions for Your Understanding 35
Understanding in What We Are to Trust for Salvation 36
Establishing the Sufficiency of Christ When Sharing the Gospel 37
What We Must Believe to Be Saved 38
How Jesus Removes Our Sin 39
How Jesus Provides the Gift of God’s Righteousness 40
What Is Salvation? 41
Applying the Things We Learn 42
How to Receive God’s Gift of Salvation 43
Fallen from Grace 44
Questions for Your Understanding 46
Five Ministries of the Holy Spirit the Instant We Believe 48
Disciple’s Written Testimony Sheet 49
Chapter 3 Understanding Our Eternal Security in Christ and Getting Assurance 50
Does Eternal Mean Eternal and Everlasting Mean Everlasting? 53
Works of the Holy Spirit That Confirm Eternal Security 57
Chapter 4 Understanding God’s Teaching about Water Baptism 58
Water Baptism: The Beginning of Obedience 61
Water Baptism: A Public Testimony of Discipleship 61
God’s Expectations of a Baptized Disciple 63
Application 64
Chapter 5 Understanding God’s Teaching about the Lord’s Supper 65
The Elements of the Lord’s Supper 65
The Purposes of the Lord’s Supper 66
Is the Lord’s Supper a Continuation of the Sacrifice of Christ for Sin? 67
The Lord’s Supper: Things to Think About 68
Chapter 6 Understanding God’s Teaching About the Pastor and His Ministry 70
The Threefold Responsibility of the Pastor to His Congregation 72
Obeying and Following Pastoral Leadership 74
Chapter 7 Understanding God’s Teaching About Deacons and Their Role 76
The Role of Deacons in the Church 77
The Deacon: Model of Ministry 79
Chapter 8 Understanding God’s Design for the Local Church 81
Why Did Jesus Found the Local Church? 82
Metaphorical Examples of the Local Church from the Scriptures 84
Types of Church Governments (Polity) Being Practiced 85
Questions for Discussion 86
What Should I Look for in a Local Church 87
Questions on the Responsibilities of Church Membership 90
Chapter 9 Understanding God’s Teaching about Individual Soul Liberty 92
Questions for Your Understanding 93
Chapter 10 Utilizing the Power of God’s Word for Living 94
Understanding the Purpose of God’s Word 95
Learning to Make Life’s Tough Choices Early in Life 97
Getting to the Heart of the Problem of Sin 98
Breaking the Shackles of Spiritual Bondage 99
Overcoming the Fallen Nature 102
Changing Our Running, Hiding and Covering 103
Desire Motivation 104
Hindrances to Obedience Motivated Living 105
Questions on Desire Motivation 106
Obedience Motivation 107
Becoming Obedience Motivated 109
Self-Confrontation 110
Self-Examination 111
Principles for Change: Principle One 113
Principles for Change: Principles Two and Three 114
Principles for Change: Principles Four and Five 115
Obedience Motivation and the Fatherhood of God 116
Measuring Our Growth in Biblical Change 118
The Fear of Man as a Hindrance to Obedience 119
Chapter 11 Learning to Worship God and Avoid the Worship of Self 122
The Spiritual Law of the Vow 123
The Foundational Errors of the Religion of Self 124
Correcting Man’s Errors Concerning Self-Worth 126
The Error of Man Concerning Self 127
The Error of Man Concerning Self-Love 128
The Overflowing Issues of the Malignant Heart 130
Four Spiritual Laws of Obedience in the Face of Questionable Things 132
Is There a Wrong Kind of Obedience? 134
Scriptural Examples of God-Centered and Man-Centered Obedience 136
Chapter 12 Growing Spiritually through Personal Daily Bible Study 138
Four Steps Involved in Growth through Daily Bible Study 139
Spiritual Growth through the Renewing of Our Minds 140
Searching for the Wisdom of God through Personal Bible Study 141
Five Principles of Spiritual Growth: Principle One 143
Five Principles of Spiritual Growth: Principle Two 144
Five Principles of Spiritual Growth: Principle Three 145
Five Principles of Spiritual Growth: Principle Four 147
Five Principles of Spiritual Growth: Principle Five 148
Chapter 13 Growing Spiritually by Understanding What the Christian Life Is 150
What Is the Christian Life? 150
What Is Abiding Life in Christ? 152
Why Is Abiding in Christ Important? 153
Abiding in Christ through Cleansing 154
Chapter 14 Growing Spiritually by Learning to Pray 156
Prayer and Waiting on the Lord 156
Why Should Christians Pray? 157
The Attitudes of Prayer 158
The Promises of Prayer 160
Prayer Promises and Provisions for Personal Needs 162
Chapter 15 Learning to Grow Spiritually by Ministering to Others 164
Opening the Doors of Ministry 164
Escaping the Prison of Selfishness through Ministering to Others 165
How to Minister to People 166
Ministering in the Spirit 1667
Obedience and Witnessing 168
Things to Think About 169
Breaking the Six Sound Barriers to Witnessing 170
Things to Think About 171
Learning to Appropriate the Power of the Word of God in Witnessing 173
Methods and Purposes for Scripture Memorization 175
Understanding the Holy Spirit in Witnessing 177
The Work of the Holy Spirit in Witnessing 178
Obedience and Stewardship 180
Spiritual Qualifications Necessary to Be Used of God to Witness 182
Chapter 16 Learning to Love God’s Way 184
Testing Our Efforts at Biblical Love 185
What Should I Do When I Have Wronged Someone? 186
How Important Is Repentance in Biblical Forgiveness and Reconciliation? 188
How Important Is Restitution in Biblical Forgiveness and Reconciliation? 189
What Happens When We Think, Speak or Act Un-Biblically? 190
Communicating Biblically 192
To Whom Should You Speak? 193
Obeying the Scriptural Command to Forgive 194
Learning to Forgive as God Has Forgiven You 195
Learning the Ministry of Encouragement 196
The Demolition of Hindrances to Spiritual Growth 200
Chapter 17 Understanding the Priesthood of the Believer 201
Questions for Your Understanding 202
Chapter 18 Learning to Practice Biblical Evangelism 204
Chapter 19 Understanding God’s Teaching about a Separated Life Style 208
Ecclesiastical and Personal Separation 209
Balaamism: Failure in Ecclesiastical Separation 210
Joshua’s Deathbed Warning 211
The Ecumenical Spirit: Three Progressive Steps to Apostasy 212
New Testament Commandments of Separation 214
Gangrene in the Body of Christ 215
The Scriptural Basis for Fellowship 217
Questions for Your Understanding 218
Touch Not the Unclean Thing 219
Ecclesiastical Separation 220
Questions for Your Understanding 222
The Characteristics of an Apostate 223
Recognizing Apostates by Their Beliefs and Practices 224
Chapter 20 Should Christians Drink Alcohol? 225
Chapter 21 Philosophies That Spoil Christians 229




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