Is Your LOCAL CHURCH Fulfilling the Great Commission?

 The Great Commission given to the Church has within it three areas of responsibility.

Ø Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bring souls to faith in Christ

Ø Lead those that Christ saves to a local church where they can be baptized by immersion and commit to accountability in living a         sanctified life for Christ

ØTeach, or disciple, those baptized so they can begin to win souls and teach others also

     Disciple Maker Ministries provides adult and Teen Sunday School materials that help local churches prepare people for all three aspects of the Great Commission. These materials have been tried and proven over forty years of ministry. All of these materials have been written and designed for use in numerous teaching/learning formats.

Ø Adult or Teen Sunday School classes

Ø Small Group Ministries in the Church

Ø Home Bible Studies

Ø Formal Discipleship formats such as Bible Institutes or Discipleship classes

Ø Personal, individual Bible study

     In most cases, the focus of discipleship is upon teaching. In the pattern of Christ’s model in the Gospels, the focus of discipleship is upon learning what the disciple maker teaches. The disciple maker teaches the disciple to use what he learns in life practically. Christ measured learning by the degree a disciple began living what He taught.

The Principle of Self Discovery

      Discipleship in a Sunday School class or from the pulpit is a long, drawn out process that seldom accomplishes the thorough “perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry.” Allowing the disciple to learn by reading trustworthy discipleship materials that instruct him in the Word of God has proven to be the most effective way to quick, in-depth discipleship.

     There are a few questions at the end of every chapter in our discipleship books. These questions require the learner to review what he has read, formulate a conclusion regarding what he has read, and prepares him to share what he has learned in a class situation or discussion format. The discussion format then increases his depth of comprehension and confirms what he has learned. The amount and level of discipleship that a local church can accomplish in a year’s time through this methodology is really quite overwhelming.

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Dr. Ketchum is available to help your local church establish an effective and formal discipleship program.

 Many local churches have a strong emphasis on soul winning, but little emphasis on equipping the “saints for the work of the ministry.” It is little wonder that they have almost as many going out the back door of the church as they have coming in the front door.

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